Is Your Boss a Narcissist? Strategies On How to Survive Narcissistic Boss – Babita Spinelli

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Do you think your boss may be a narcissist? Do you know the signs to look for? A narcissistic boss will gaslight you and sabotage your career. Learn strategies to protect yourself.

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Narcissists can be a boss, a coworker or a fellow employee. There are many behaviors that are exhibited by someone with NPD and we suggest that you review these to help you identify the possibility that you have a narcissistic coworker.

Let’s start by saying you or I cannot diagnose anyone, fact is that most therapists cannot diagnose a narcissist or any similar personality disorder. That is because narcissists usually have a public mask and they turn on the famous narcissistic charm or pull out the victim card to win the heart of the person in charge with diagnosing them. The chance of someone being diagnosed as a narcissist would take a very skilled psychologist that understands the way that they can manipulate the conversation. Please remember, when you’re talking about a narcissist at work, they’re not going to pull out their credentials saying that they were diagnosed, so give up the idea of closure of identifying them, let’s just look at the behaviors.



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