Misconceptions around forgiveness of a narcissist – Clifford Edwards

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Forgive the Narcissist WHAT! Do you know what s/he did? If you wonder why you aren’t healing? Are you ready to get back to yourself? But you are feeling like a shell of the person you were before. Moving on from patterns of the past and the old emotional way of doing thing is not something we taught when we were young. Negative judgement holding on to anger keeps the person attached to you. The key to forgiveness is letting go of the anger and hurt. Cliff Edwards the Author of The Forgiveness handbook explains the misconceptions around forgiveness. When you choose to not hold on to anger, hurt you free yourself. Learn how do you shift that emotional judgement and become empowered to find you again. The link to the program Cliff created for you is: https://narcissistabusesupport.com/li…

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