Narcissist Abuse in a Nutshell

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I have found something that describes the abuse at the hands of a narcissist so exactly that I had to read these quotes from Pinterest. I know that if you listen to them you will feel that these hit the mark exactly in some ways for you too.
Quotes read by me – taken with permission by Shannon Thomas at



Hi there, this is Tracy. As I’m in this discovery stage of my recovery from a nurse assist, I am becoming a very big detective, I am watching several videos a day. I certainly watched videos in the car on the way to places and today I popped into Pinterest. I haven’t pinned anything in a while, I don’t know why.

I mean, when we’ve been on the internet watching YouTube for me once, but I went into Pinterest, and I had a narcissist abuse board, and I looked at some new pens for it and I found these and they are made by a woman named Shan and Thomas from South Lake counseling, do work. So I’m not sure where Southlake is, but Shannon has written. These would like to read them to you because as I read them, they were awesome graphics that I printed out, so that I could share this with you, because when I read it, it was like, “This is awesome. Here we go. Survivors of psychological abuse have two milestones that they must come to terms with, for their own recovery. Number one, the toxic person will never change. So, a survivor, as we just accordingly, number two, the abuse came the abuses again, to the toxic person, so the survivor must not play into it. How those two key points are accomplished. Depends on the survivors’ personality and unique set of life circumstances.

And then she goes to create five stages of recovery. I’m going to read them to you because I really think that understanding and listening to this, it was so well done state on despair, when survivors first began counseling for psychological abuse recovery many don’t even know that they’ve been abused.

They do know life has become unmanageable and they are looking for answers some don’t yet, understand the full depth of what has been done to them by the abusers at the beginning of counselors. Survivors more times and not an emotional chaos anxious depressed or suicidal, sometimes all of the above, or even more, the very first place we start is in their safety to make sure that they do not harm themselves. Once this has been established, we begin the work of identifying the despair and the survivor the survivor feels the first state of recovery can be a scary season in your life.

Luckily self-more stages. Follow and hope begins to shine through stage with ties to a recovery, of recovery is education. That’s where, him right now, psychological abuse is exceptionally insidious and therefore misunderstood that is precisely part of the abuses tactic to keep the abused hidden and remain firmly in control. Victim cannot begin recovery if they can’t describe what has been done to them.

Learning the common methods employed by psychological abusers in state to survivors. neutron should know what the following terms mean in relationship to a psychological abuse. “gaslig Flying Monkeys into me reinforcement trauma bonding ideal eyes be value in the discard state. There are other terms, but for states to this list is a really good starting point.

State awakening when survivors have identified their display despair from having been psychologically abused in state one, and then they educate themselves on the specific ways of users harm them in stages to an awakening happening happens for the survivor which is stage three.

This is the point and recovery where many a-ha moments happen. Survivors can describe what they’ve experienced, they’ve learned enough terminology and in doing so, no longer feel isolated in the abuse at this stage, rover may start to feel empowered in their recovery journey.

However there are good and bad days, is common for survivors to swing back on despair, and back to awakening. Again, this is normal, and part of the process of the D programming, and healing from psychological abuse stage for boundaries after survivor psychological abuse has identified their despair to educate themselves on the specifics of psychological abuse the to and had an awakening. That recovery is possible. Stage three, the next stage is implementing boundaries. This is the time when some survivors go no contact and choose to complement the detached contact. The important part of the state is that the survivor is able to gain enough emotional distance detox from trauma bonding and start looking forward to their life of recovery.

Boundaries are individually driven, and must be done in a way that will be followed through by the survivor at times. Some survivors waver on setting limits with their abusers to set healthy limits. may mean the end of our relationship is not uncommon for some survivors to get stuck in this stage.

And gave poti.

After survivor its restoration. After a survivor of psychological abuse has identified their despair, educated themselves and had an awakening, and then implemented boundaries, the next stage of the restoration of the, of the material items.

Life event moments financial stability physical health, mental health, any other losses the survivor identifies have been stolen, during the season of abuse.

This should be an encouraging stage for survivors to start tangibly seeing the fruits of their recovery work. Restoration can take longer than many survivors expect. So patience with the process of recovery is vitally important, without patience a survivor can easily become discredit. Once again, I’d like to think a Pinterest person, for creating these graphics. I think they really hit home. They explain a lot. And Canon Thomas, of Southlake, counseling dot org that her Tracy piece out.

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