Narcissist Attention & Control Parties

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How does your narcissist act at parties? How about the discard did he/she do it around a special event or emotional time?



Why do artiste having holiday parties? I’m gonna talk about that first holiday parting. Remind them of families that they didn’t have. So if they are going to their own family party, they’ll sabotage it and even if everyone’s having a good time, they will do something, they will make some kind of stink to make it fail the way they thought it would because that’s what they said, then they made it happen. The rest of the family is then left wondering what just happened, and they probably don’t want them coming over for holidays anymore, and that fulfills their witch that fulfills their dream. They’re jealous at the family for having a relationship that they don’t feel part of sisters and brothers, all coming together and on being the outsider they’re always out here because they don’t make efforts they don’t call, they don’t check in, they aren’t thoughtful and caring and so therefore they are failures on the family relationship thing. We know that when they go to a holiday party or party with friends, they are reminded that they don’t have real friends, they see people who have had friends for 23 years and they don’t have that, so they get very jealous and they get angry.

I’d like to talk a little story about my mother and her Holiday events, all my life. When I was growing up, I remember having pretty good holidays family, things like that, but later in life, I think it was after we were all out of the house and there’s three of us, and we were all out of the house we never came back for holidays. Another thing about holidays offense and things that happen in normal people’s lives, what a narcissist will do with these special events, is used them in the discard stage. So many times I have heard the story of when the narcissist told them they were over, it was during a special event, it was at a party, it was New Year’s Day, it was something that already has meaning. Think about all the people who get engaged on Valentines Day. I know a few.

And when that holiday runs around after the relationship is over, the colony’s room for ever.

Every time you think about things, day on to go do it, it’s a horrible day. They took that holiday away from you, and I’m not saying every one who propose a valid or gets married, on Valentine states is doing it for this reason, but a narcissist will. The Liber use the power of a holiday or a meaningful day, in your life to ruin it for you later. Because remember, they don’t they know you’re not there forever, but if you hold your birthday as a very high holy day like I do, they may just do something with that. If you hold Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary, close to your heart, maybe you even like Saint Patrick stay they’re going to do something, they’re gonna orchestrate something that will be around that.

To my husband ask me for a divorce. Two days after my son graduated from high school, he did it on the phone.

And it was completely out of the blue, no way, and he did. I have any idea of what was gonna happen or that this person that I had been with for so long would do something like that, but that took my son’s graduation, which was a very big event that took his graduation and made it something for both of us. To have feelings about for the rest of our life, we’ll never forget but they did that right at the particular day that they chose to do that. And I always say they watch another video and you’ll see why they tend to do things on special occasions, to destroy us in the discard state.

So while we were talking about holidays parties, events I wanted to throw this end is to make sure that we don’t forget this valid point. Narcissists will use special events to destroy you and if at all possible, try to take those holidays back because you don’t wanna hold on to that memory of something bad happening on every Valentine stay for the rest of your life so hold that into your heart and when you’re strong enough take that holiday back, take that day back on, don’t, that was in the past. The next Valentine’s Day has so much more potential whether you are alone by yourself a dozen roses get yourself a really good cup. “pekan enjoy the day.

This is your valentine state.

Don’t let what he did or she did ruin it. They target these days. Because it’ll trigger you for ever. So in your being strong in your being protective or yourself to like that happen again just know it’s a game that’s what they’re gonna do.

One last thing I wanna ask you.

My “orestes hated their birthdays. I am so completely the opposite, so I’m pretty excited that maybe I’m not a narcissist, but I love my birthday, I start casting it down once beforehand, and it is a celebration to me. That is a great day. I don’t hear how old I get. People are like, “Oh you’re that old, you shouldn’t be happy.

I’m alive. I know that some people that were in my high school grade that are not… and I’m thankful for every single day and so when it’s my birthday and that’s the day I get to shine, that’s the day when people are like giving me Jello shocks or coming over to show me that they love me. I of that day, I wish every day was a birthday and I enjoy it, I throw myself great parties, I love to have parties, and I love to have my own birthday party. I think it’s fun. I think it’s a way to bring everyone together and is a largest to be ended. Aubrey I hope not, ’cause I’m never gonna not be excited about my birthday just saying, “but I want you to think about your narcissist.

Do they like the birthday.

None of my did it didn’t matter wasn’t because of age. I know some people are nervous and anxious about, um, you know, them turning 50, 40-3020, doesn’t matter, people have age fears and the things that come with that, they don’t want to be 50. I think I wanna be 30 when they should have X, Y, and Z, that’s a normal thing. People have expectations of where they should have been but a nurse it… it’s not based on a birthday milestone, they just don’t like their birthday even though they like to be the center of attention, it’s almost a way of controlling the crap. It’s another way for them to show everyone that they’re different, they don’t need to celebrate, they don’t need to be on stage.

It’s not true.

They do it at every other day. So this particular bites a way for them to remind them that they don’t have a normal life, I think that’s what it is. They don’t have a normal life, they don’t have friends that gather around them and I just don’t like birthdays, so if I’m wrong, it’s just the nares is people in my life. I would love for you to tell me down there. If you had a narcissist that like their birthday, let me know if you have nurses that don’t like the birth. I would just love to know that I’m not crazy and that this isn’t something that I’m making up. And then we’re gonna talk about is in another one.



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