Narcissist Blood Money

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Today I am highlighting a blood money gift that I received when I first found out my husband was cheating on me. He was establishing the cost of how he could basically “BUY” me when he was being a jerk. This happened only a few months into our ten year marriage but he trained me to listen to his excuses, he trained me to allow his stupid excuses for bad behavior. He bought me this necklace and this is only the second time I put it on. Why do I keep it… stay tuned.



Hi, this is Tracy today, I am going to talk about something about when I was married, and I am wearing this necklace because it was a present that was given to me when I first found out that to my husband was cheating on me for the first time, and we were a vacation, and I called his parents. I truly thought they were my parents and they said, “Oh no, not again, and I went… What do you mean… what do you mean? And that, again, this is the first time to my knowledge that he has cheated on me that she got a flag to me his parents obviously saying that. What does this piece of a do.

What were they saying before, what had he done before and why didn’t I listen to that? So when I found out and I cried, and we were vacation weeding something the next day, we were I think in Sedona, and he bought me this bridge raid this necks. And I can honestly say this is probably the second time I’ve had it on because I never wanted to have it. I never wanted his blood money. And I shouldn’t have taken it, I should have just listen to my instincts said Why would his parents make him as cheating again, and why did I settle to accept his lies with a broken neck? This thing is just he meaning I close it, I I know when he did it, but at the same time.

Why do I keep it great? Everyone is like, “Why do you even keep it? That’s another guilty question to keep it to remember that I should have listened to myself. The presence. Sometimes they give you or guilt presence, right? We’ve done that before, but it doesn’t make it be a prostitute that it took a present I it’s just tied in little mix and see what happens. And you in the closet, for another 200 years, that would be cool.

So I just wanted to tell you that I think it was a prostitute because I accepted his lies and I should have sent to myself, I should have listened to my intuition.

And I should have had more self-love and if I think he’s cheating and I find out and I actually know I should do something. Why did I take that why did I take a money.

Next time there it is gonna be any flooring means for sure, or fear, which probably is one of your peers as well. A woman doesn’t matter.

I fear what I trust again and will I be able to feel like someone telling me, the Curio that I found out so many lies at in makes me scared, and that’s okay. I’m doing as I’m acknowledging, but I’m scared.

I’m acknowledging that I don’t know and I’m acknowledging that I made six before and then I’m forgiving myself, I’m telling myself it’s okay.

You didn’t know.


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