Narcissist Cure – what?

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I am pretty sure that the rate of narcissists in our society is risen to epidemic levels. If we look at the neglect of victims, the voiceless souls that are emotionally abused by narcissists. Why aren’t we teaching our people, teaching our children on what are the signs and how to protect yourself with as much press as a mosquito that might make babies heads small. Fact:

On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men.

Why don’t we as a society teach our children the skills they need to not be a victim, to empower them to break the cycle.

Do you think the narcissists know they are sick? As a victim/survivor I thought what I knew was real, do they?

Watch this video to understand why we need to educate our children, our doctors, lawyers, judges, health professionals and teachers but mostly us… The victims so we break the cycle. If we learned how to defend ourselves when dealing with a narcissist would they just shrivel up like the bad witch in the wizard of oz.



And there, this is Tracy and I was wondering, would it be like to be a narcissist do you think they know it.

I’m not sure that they do, in some ways, I think that they think that things go badly for them while we’re always really saying, they are the victims and they make themselves the victims. What I’m wondering is, do they just act that way or do they really think it like… do they wake up in the morning and go, everything’s not going to way. What do you think… do you think they really think their victims, do they even see what they do to people, are they aware that they’ve heard people? They aware that that’s maybe been normal? I don’t know of nurses, is it’s curable being a narcissist? Doesn’t seem like even though it’s been around for a couple of decades it doesn’t seem like it’s really taken seriously. The narcissist recovery community on YouTube, on the internet.

And so many counselors groups therapies meet-ups, there’s so many victims.

Then I wonder, because the education of what a narcissist is, isn’t really getting out there to the cereal public, it’s not like any mental health issue is ever being discussed in school? I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on self-love self-care grounding meditating bring all kinds of things I’ve learned. So awareness, having the ability to say No, not thinking that you always have to say yes because then you were the good “garou are a good person, if you… the other gave yourself to others before you gave yourself. That’s what I believed. So I wonder what a nurse is. I believe I had the wrong false idea in my head, I thought what I thought was reality. And I just wonder if they are aware, but they really be this selfish, and uncaring, could they really think that it would be good for their children to be around them, they pretend that they love it but it’s only a poem, it’s not like they really do care if they did, they’d be responsible. Parents not fucked up or people that want to be their best friend never told them they have to go to bed at a certain time. The nurse is seems to be stuck at like, Eh, I don’t know, six. It just seems like they never grew up. And if you’re an areas did, please let me know. I don’t understand that, even in my mother who was 78, when she passed away, I think her ideas in many ways were very childlike to have no sense of anyone else but yourself and no idea how I pretend to care what you don’t and that’s not just to my mother, that is really to do other nurses that I’ve had in my life.

If you can tell me if you’re artist now I think for me with my two ex-Hyman, we did try to go to counseling and we tried to go to counseling because he was trying to raise my son the way he was raised and I just didn’t think that rough housing and pulling someone there yelling at them and, and basically putting them down all the time was really good parenting but that is how he grew up. And so, wonder for all is the product of what we come up with, what our own defenses and mechanisms and how do we change that in our society, how do we change kids today if we don’t talk about this, why don’t they have a self-love class, why don’t they teach people how to make boundaries, how to make choices, how they can even say no? I wish that our school system, and I wish that our government and I wish it was nationally recognized. I wish that there were organizations like AA, and Elan and recovering groups for them, maybe if they know maybe they don’t have.

How to get out of it but more really for the victims. And there’s victims that her parents were nurses system and they sat Eller they didn’t have what happened to me, where we get to think that was normal. And so I’m getting all confused. Now it’s number bed, but if you know if you think you’re narcissist had any idea, we know I really just need to learn. It.

Thinks on more than… I was wondering, with a lot of mental illness out there in the world, the left diseases that were searching my entire life for an answer for.

It made headway on things like AIDS and people don’t die, it like they used to cancer. As being your rate mentalities are recognized. And there is help for them. So if you’re manic depressive, if you’re bipolar if you’re depressed, there are medicines out there have the whole industry built on people that suffer with depression, and there’s lots of help for them, there’s help for their families on how to live with Tom. And yet I see the epidemic of narcissism just growing. And why isn’t anyone looking for a cure, a rug something that would stop the cycle “Stop the cycle of these people being made Stop the cycle of people not knowing because we might not be able to stop making them like little monsters, but what if the people could be educated and not the supplies they understood and heard the red flags? What if we taught our children about depression where there be less children dying by suicide if we educated their fronts would they be able to save them.

And if they educated people like they do in Catholic church, for example, before you get married, and you have to learn how they do financing and all kinds of things. I think it’s called price. And I’m sure that there’s other things that can be done in a religious level, but why are we not doing anything about nurses is look at how many people are online, but how many people are talking about this young old black-white men, women, straight, gay, bosses priests, and ministers and teachers, and bosses. It’s an epidemic. Why isn’t anyone doing a telephone? Why, why are you raising money for research your… or at least, education why we not educating the world, it’s like a silent talent.


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