Narcissist Discard Phase | Revenge or peace

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The last act or the grand finale of any play is always the best part, think of all the movies you are surprised at the ending. Disappointed that you “hoped” for a different ending. Well if a narcissist has decided he or she is done with you, they will do unthinkable things to protect their lies. Do not forget a narcissist is an actor, a con artist and a liar. So you become a risk to them, sometimes leaving the victim fearing for their life.

I have the solution. I have the answer on how to take revenge. To take revenge on a narcissist will never end well and the only person who will get hurt is you. Watch this and you will hear how I plan revenge.

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Here, this is Tracy and tonight I’m going to talk about the final stage of a narcissist. And it begins and they like you and they then kind of guard you the value you in the middle. And so the final stage is when they discard you and they get rid of you, and so it’s neither is looking and trying to really understand why every one story of the discard is so strong and so full of horror and shock everyone seems to be shocked. And what I’m looking at here is a list, I went on with the tourist and were discard. The grand finale is to write off to dump to ditch dispense with eliminate reject divorce as a the divorce house cast aside the desert abandon Chuck vanish. That sounds like some phone me very do have managed to sweep away match, we away, but sweety? Like cooling in the house, like Chuck they chuck you away or discard means. But my personal favorite is deep six. I think that many people will feel like they have been deep six because they have been discarded by a narcissist. And what I’m learning in all of the different flags about the narcissist to you to think about this. So we know that Narcissists lie, not only a line to us but they are also lying to other people, and some things we know and some things we feel, and find out later, but some of it is just their personal reputation and their status is built up into this fake reputation in this fake identity that they’ve created for themselves, and so when we know their lives, our biggest fear is that we know their lives and so the only way to do anything about it is to discard and get rid of and cast away and divorce because their lives are protecting this this mask this mass that they put on to everybody and it is the reputation. So whether it’s people that you have in common, there are firms individually to people finding out that they’ve done something really shitty the best way that they can do this is to get rid of you, but it’s to ensure that in this wounding in this stage that they are just going to be in human. I think every single story that I hear there are people out there talking about nurses that we’re kind to them when they left.

So we do this to every one. And this is not just a personal story, this is a fact and I really don’t understand why that the legal system of police, the more I learn about abuse of behaviors and I’m not saying that there aren’t men that are not abused, by nurses is but what I’m learning is that there’s a lot of really bad men there that pretend that the person that they’re with did something that they didn’t. And this is so unfair. I met a girl about a week ago, and she had like a little baby, like a little child and baby daddy did not marry her and so the only way that he was helping her was by buying divers, so he was a mark and he was crazy, but she wasn’t getting in to support and she needed diapers so she went over as he requested to her house to his house and he smashed his face into the wall and just smashed his pass believing everywhere, and he called the police and had her arrested, and she spent like almost a year in jail. That is crazy behavior and that is the kind of thing that a narcissist does that crazy destructive. I’m saying crazy a lot today. I always repeat a word each time I’m learning that I have one here that I keep on repeating but the actions that a or will take are out of the realm of what normal people would ever do. If a normal person were there they would not be afraid of secrets. What they are afraid of, is us towing on them, telling the world exactly what we know.

And then that would be their imputation, so they have to deep success they have to get rid of us, they can’t let the world know that they have done something that is not right. So the best thing to do is discard do away with Spence with write us off, dump ditch through out the way eliminate reject house. Cassie desert banish abandoned Chuck swept away. No, sorry, sweep away. Weston as one clean house by it’s over and they’re gonna do it in a very bad way. So if you can protect yourself try to try to go, it’s called Gray Rock when you’re not supposed to talk to the NAR… once you figure out what they are, that’s my base suggestion. Don’t ever try to talk to them again.

If you have a child, I am so I know people that have children with an art and their children are in danger. So if you have a tile and you’re with a dark or you’ve been with the ark and that’s a nurse, assist abusing person run, run and hide and protect yourself, protect your child. Because it’s hard enough for the adults that I watch in not to have had this experience, but to me, I think it’s the children that I hear more and more stories of and how their parents heard them into something for the rest of their life. No, that’s discard. The grand finale had another idea to add at the end of this video, if you’ve ever thought of getting back at your nurses for what they did to.

You wanna share a secret, you know how you can get back at them. The best way is for you to be happy for you to choose not to be a our standards on no matter what happens, and who believes you and what friends that you lose because they think you’re crazy, no matter what legal situation in a divorce or any other kind of thing that you get involved with the dark walk away, that’s your salvation is to be stronger and they will ever be. You can’t change a or no one can… and they could just move on to their next the supply and they’ll never love that person, they don’t know how to love. So you could be really secure in your mind, to know that it’s like they’re walking their soul is just walking through “Ternate and this is a joke. And, you know, maybe it was someone and we did this in another life and they’re coming back here and now they’re being given charm and there may be being given brains and they’re being set down here because they were fucker before, and so God is just taking them and saying, Alright, you can not like you can have children.

But to never love you because you don’t know how to love, you want them to love you. They may be occurring and maybe you’ll be sad that you don’t have family that really loves you, you’ll be uncertain of your friends for the rest of your life.

That’s their destiny. They did it from above its from a while ago. This is what they’ve done. Your secret revenge is to rock your life. Like no one’s ever done and learn right now, right now, if you’re here, you are learning about nurses is behavior and you’ll probably freak out.

So you need to learn everything, the only way you’re ever gonna be strong enough. And I have now met so many women that have been victims over and over and over, and mine was twice in a row. And this is, it composed about 15 years of my life, and I just want you to be strong, and I think that if you learn and you become or aware of not only the red flags don’t let it in there, don’t let this dry, be about what he was or about what she was because they are important or this is about is what you get out of it. I started to look at what was the next step and why was I a victim? How could I be food? I mean, it’s just food, it’s like a conman, and I’m a really sweet person, so it’s a stock ball, anime but I don’t want that to happen to you. So, Roguelike get help, get coaching get consoling. There’s counseling for people who are victims of abuse. If you can’t afford it, there is counseling. Call your town social services, you will get the help that you need so that you never pick A or again have the strength to say In the fuck away from me.

It’s great.

That’s what I’m just saying is take care of you, that’s your best.

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