Narcissist Fight Flight

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The very sound of the words fight or flight really explain what it means, you either fight or run. Sometimes they call it fight flight or freeze. When you go through the horrific discard stage with a narcissist there is a very good chance you will experience this.



And this is Tracy my last video of the night, but what do I want to talk about tonight? Was fight-flight or sometimes fight, flight, or freeze response. And how being involved with the narcissist can actually trigger this. It is a PTSD or gateway and it’s a way of your body coping with an attack of life threatening in your own way, kind of response. And so, I wanna talk about… you know what… and I was younger, my favorite book was The Clan of the Cave there and it was all about this cave woman that was just having to survive. And so if you think about racism, I gonna.

No God but if you think about a lion coming and attacking, you, you would get on your defenses and your whole body would go… into this bite or free you either decide that you’re going to freeze right there.

And just moving. That would be me, it would be just, “Oh my god, and you’d be so afraid or you’d be able to fight and actually beat that thing up or do what ever comes. “ravensthorpe Le are attacked by a sharp… some people just get eaten in. Some people just start punching it or go out into eye and they survive it, so they got in this bite fled or freeze into them. And when this happens to you with your nurse, assist, what you need to remember is that there are going to be things that trigger this coming back and it’s okay. You have to kind of get used to the fact that the way you went into that fight flight or freeze is something that you fight for. It is a trauma, it is something that was unexpected, it was something that you knocked you down when maybe you were weak, or maybe you just were shocked by this. Some people have been married for 26 years, and they find all this out. So if there’s gonna be triggers and you have to know that, that you will go back and you will get to the place where you’re going to go up slowly, and then at one point you may have a step back.

But again, you’re just gonna keep going up and I’m gonna open up and you will be a higher being, you will be okay. And through this experience you are going to find out that this is a journey for your soul and it’s not going to be as much about the narcissist their flags you’re going to identify that and the fighter flat will come a whole lot less than it’s probably coming right now. So, either free nurses, is it’s going to happen, it happens no one, it’s okay. Protect yourself get the stick out and just protect yourself.


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