What is Narcissist Gaslighting? | Red Flag

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What is Narcissist Gaslighting? a quick lesson and overview of what is narcissistic gaslighting. Named after the movie in the 1940’s where the actor played tricks on the victim to make them feel like they are carzy.


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This is Tracy and today I’m going to answer what is gas leading gas leading when you’re dealing with a narcissist or anyone with some mental illnesses is a form of abuse it is intimidation, and what they’re trying to do is make you think that you’re crazy. They will purposely stage things that make you feel like you’re crazy.

I might move the keys they might tell you or not tell you about something that you’re doing and then come on and say, Why are you dressed? So it’s a kind of psychological abuse that makes you think you’re crazy, and then you become more depended on them.

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