Narcissist Gaslighting Red Flags

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What is Narcissist Gaslighting?
Abuse that messes with your brain, makes you question yourself. It’s like an elementary school trick. Remember the joke about moving the furniture on a blind person… Gaslighting is a tactic that narcissists use to make you distrust your own mind. They use this to trap you, to create self doubt and to make you more dependent on them.


The this is Tracy tonight I’m going to talk to you about gas lighting, and I have chosen this beautiful spot to share with you. Guess lighting is a form of emotional abuse when the abuser makes the victim think that they’re losing their mind and that their sense of reality is wrong.

When an abuser decides to gas late their victim they’re doing as they are trying to make from crazy trying to make them think that what they believe and what they see or what they do is not reality. So they are trying to alter your reality, or at least your perception of it. And so when you’re with a narcissist and they’re going to gasoline, you things that they will do or think move things out of the way maybe you put your keys by the front or every time you come home and suddenly they’re not there and you can’t find them, so, you start to wonder, and you ask where are they and they may be magically find them, maybe they make you hunt around the house until you find them on the kitchen sink or next to your bed. And you know that you never brought your keys in there, so suddenly you’re questioning. Did I do that? I’m like crazy. It’s like a brain washing technique where they’re trying to make you doubt yourself and trying to get you to be isolated a little bit more because you suddenly don’t have any grasp on reality, you think that you have sometimes because you’re losing your mind and you can’t remember where things are or what you said, or what you’ve done, and they use this to abuse you, and it happens in the evaluate stage, it doesn’t happen in the beginning, but if you make it with something like sleep, deportation not even well not taking care of yourself, you really start to lose a sense of reality.

Very often with a narcissist and they’re pulling these cascading things on them. Of course, you don’t know what they’re doing and you think that you’re going crazy. They are essentially spending their negative things into harmful or destructive words and they’re trying to deflect the blame for things that they’ve done. So, they point the finger at you.

And they sometimes accuse you of being overly sensitive or mentally unstable. Maybe they just are funny and say that you’re being silly. How could you have forgot? Ultimately, they wanna make you feel unhinged and they may cause you to doubt yourself. This is what they’re going after.

It’s brain washing to make you doubt your own reality.

In the beginning, they’re going to do it in a very slow and methodical way, just see testing the waters, as they do with every one of their little flags and every one of their tricks they’re gonna see if you react to it, if you start to think you’re crazy. I didn’t put that over there. They’re going to make you think that… and then slowly but surely, they are going to increase the level a grease the amount of time so that they do this to you, until you’ve got this gradual effect, making you anxious, and keep used and less able to trust your own memory, and your own perception. It’s an insidious form of emotional abuse, and a manipulation.

The victim becomes unable to manage or cope with your world. You no longer trust your senses, longer trust your skills, your strengths, and your friends and your family. Because they may use people in this gas Laing they may triangulate you with other people and making thing.

You think that you’re crazy. We know that they provoke us, they are trying to get blame on us, so that we are the bad ones and they are the good ones. They might tell you that you’re too sensitive, and that you’re making things up and that you’re just being crazy and you’ll constantly second guess yourself and you might have trouble making simple decisions ’cause you’re starting to lose your mind, which is their goal. It’s perfect, you might even find yourself before they get home, you might wanna make sure that everything in the house is okay. Did I put everything where it is? You’re kind of like going through this methodical way of trying to figure out, “Have you done something that will embarrass you.

Maybe this sort of Gallatin, and abuse that they’re going to do to you is probably gonna start when you start to have an opinion or that you start to question them, because as we know, narcissist do not like to be questions, they do not like anybody to. I don’t wanna say disobey them, but it’s more not trust them, they start to feel that you are slipping away from their grip and so they start to pull these tricks on you, they will blame you for things. And the way to do that is to help you think, that you’re losing your mind.

The narcissistic.

When they’ve realized that they might be coming to an end, your supply is coming up, and so this is their way of holding on to you, because they are going to try to let you think how much you need them more because clearly you need someone to tell you where you’re arches are and that’s just guessing is another form of batting new. They are just putting it in a different context. It’s a way to cause you to lose your sanity.

I read a really good quote on Pinterest. That mental abuse is much more painful than physical abuse, because you are consumed by your own thoughts and they don’t really go away.

They are trying to lie about their own manual of behaviors, and they ignore everything that you might confront them with, they will become angry when you attempt to disprove their delusions as fact, so careful because they will probably use “Gaslight-ing on you and if you start to doubt yourself, just wonder.

If you’re watching this video on Gaslight you’ve probably already had it done, to you and I want you to know that you should tell yourself that everything’s going to be fine. It really is things are going to get better and you are important, you are worthy, and you are not crazy, so believe in yourself and as painful as it is to leave the narcissist.

Your life is gonna be so much better in the end, this will pass all of it the pain, the learning, and one day, Billy back to me. And you hope you.

Yeah, we create our reality. Do not let them override your reality by making things at her crazy, this is crazy. And this is gas lighting, this is another Pinterest quote that I really like, I’ve been victimized. I was in a fight that was not a fair fight, I did not ask for the fight I lost, there was no shame in losing such lights. I’ve reached the stage of survivor and I am no longer a slave or victim? I look back with sadness, rather than hate, I look forward with hope rather than despair, and I may never forget that I need to constantly remember I was a victim, but now I am a survivor.


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