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A very quick explanation of what going grey rock is with a narcissist.


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This is Tracy and I’m going to answer What is gray rock?

This is an expression that when I first got to the nurses, is world, I really didn’t understand the difference between no contact and Grey Rock Gray Rock is when you don’t have the option to completely go no contact. If you are a co-parent with this narcissist. You’re going to have to have contact with them to coordinate with your children if they’re your boss, you might not have a option to get away for a while. So it’s really important that you understand that when you do contact with them, it’s as little as possible, it’s as minimal and as brief answers do not engage in their games, just don’t do it, just don’t answer their emails don’t let them get you pissed off if they do remember that law of not sending the email for like 24 hours, right? The email, save it, don’t send it, so you send it, you’re opening the door and they can use that in court, against you if it’s about your children or anything like that. So, going great is when you don’t have the opportunity to go no contact.

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