Narcissist Hoovering Techniques | Red Flag

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What is narcissist hoovering? A uses hoovering techniques to suck the victim back in after the victim has decided to walk away. They named this after the hoover vacuum. In a relationship with a narcissist most victims are hoovered back with promises that they will change at least seven times before eventually breaking free.

Protecting yourself from narcissistic hoovering is as simple as understanding what they are doing. Often victims are so excited to have the narcissist come back to them that they welcome them back to continue to abuse them.
A narcissist can never change at least not for long, it is just an act to see what else they can get from you and test you to see what you will stand for.


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This is Tracy, today we’re gonna talk about Hoovering what is their actual game after the vacuum, and what the age a back in after they’ve done something and you’ve got that and you…

I said I can’t take it any more broken up with you. They hoover, you back in and this could be right away, or this could be many years later. It’s generally when their other supply has kind of dwindled off and then they’ll just bring you back. Very important over “be careful of it, it’s going to happen.

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