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A sample of mirroring with a narcissist is when they use information that is something you shared with them against you. They also become something you are looking for, wearing clothes, growing a beard, or acting as they learn you are looking for. Narcissist red flag of mirroring is yet another trick that they use against you. Sometimes they just tell you exactly what you told them you want, it’s all to gain your trust so you will continue giving them the narcissist supply they seek from you. Be careful what you share, watch for this red flag.

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Today, I wanna talk about nurses and mirroring.

Have you ever had anybody just give you everything that you want to tell you everything that’s important to you.

Sometimes by acknowledging some what team you are mirroring back to them, they might have told you a terrible story. Oh, this just happened to me I just got arrested. And you’re empathizing with them, you’re repeating it back. That must have been really hard. A narcissist uses “muar in a different way. They used it to gain your trust to increase their Narcissus by telling you exactly what you want to hamper actually using all of the, the information that you gave them when they ask so deeply about what you like to what you’re looking for, what experiences you had before, where you wanna be, what kind of relationship you’re looking for. They are trying to make it easy for you to like them, so they’re gonna try and shave everything about themselves to be the perfect person that you would… or perversion that you’re looking for.

One of the things that three X did in his mirroring was to hear back to me a discussion of our exclusivity. If you could say that our relationship was in a place where we were not boyfriend, a girlfriend, but agreed that we were explicit.

Don’t have, how that was, but that was the role to you. Want to be with me. This is the tell. And he agreed to it, and then every single time he came back, it didn’t matter for me to these later. You felt the need to say it again, and I would say, “Why are you saying that to me.

I know I just heard it to deal. Why do you have to tell me we’re exclusive? He doesn’t have time for anyone else. I’m the only one you know he loves me. ladle blah. And I never really understood it, but then he would occasionally say when I would say… Why are you doing this again? Why does it have to be some mix that you would eat all the time? And what his answer was, was that one that needs to be secured. He wanted me to know that he was still in it, he’s on board with the decision with the roles and he was Marina.

My concerns to build my trust and then to get me back in a place where he didn’t suck more narcissistic things from me.

The Thinker intimacy or money and baby sitting, taking of his house, giving him the stuff and basically he supplying his entire house with… he was really using me for a lot of things, but he knew that the supply which you if in fact I did not think that we are excessive.

That’s one way he did. Or another way that nurses can nearer back to… is to, in a way, talk about things that they themselves are doing. The X did not like that. A few of my male friends would like things on my Facebook page, I make such a like a nightmare when you think about this and dating. But he didn’t like that they were lacking things and he was quite adamant about telling Linus and as I explained these were my friends and we were married and everything was fine but what I did notice and then I did talk to him about was in like all of these women, and all of these things that they were doing in saying it didn’t make sense to me at the time, because his answers were that they were just friends and “Walvis believing that in knowing that my friends were those friends, then it would be easier for me to not make anything out of the back to that. And he was doing this to all metformin as it turned out, he… I was suspicious about to amend. He was the word both of them. But do you… deflect? He would tell me about at these two different high school friends, girls that he would like their thing or he told me these stories, I never really want those cows but he would tell me that their husbands were very upset that he was like in a of their posts, and they actually he said Ask them to stop. So if I look at that, that was probably a way to kind of make me not think about the fact that he was doing it to me once he was living with… so, by putting these other ones in the mix, and making little-ness of it that these other people were just friends and made me get side-tracked from the one that he was leaving with and the ones that he was trying to start a leashes, with Willy was with me and… or the deal. So the care careful on Facebook to be careful of what they say you look at in a lot different way than just that this is the answer that they want you to hear because it’s usually not true. And of course, we don’t know, we never really know until we know, about narcissist we don’t know that they’re lying, and it’s only in retrospect that we see and understand the signs, understand the flags and go back and go.

Oh my god, that’s right, that’s what he was doing. So that’s just my experience. And the nurses is tells you something that you’ve expressed as a concern. They are mirroring they are mirroring to being trust so they can continue treating you from your source of supply.


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