Narcissist Smear Campaigns

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It’s a Saturday night two weeks before Christmas ? I lost a special friend but I understand why. He made a choice based on lies now I have to make a choice, this lesson of learning to let people go is not an easy one. But I am listening to the lesson and I know there is a reason.



Here, this is Tracy today I’m gonna talk to you about some campaigns and the lies that nurses is create to make us suffer in the bread lies and rumors and make up like malicious gossip. Do you really use malicious too often in a sentence, other than like malicious gossip? I don’t Narcissus Do it for a few reasons. They wanna isolate us and they want a Shamus.

Am I the only one? Or do you feel shame when you think about what happened.

I think that’s part of the getting mad at our self-part. But the nurses is does this to keep themselves in control ultimate emotional and social predator.

A vicious and their only intention is to hurt us. And when at any class they don’t care what they do. I have heard so many stories now and I can only imagine how many more and going into a nurses a support group.

Where I’ve been on a waiting list for a month, and she’s gonna have to start to now, because there’s just too many. Remember you haven’t done anything to get all of this smear campaigns, you’ve done nothing wrong, you’re the victim. In all of this, sometimes we suffer, colossal losses and damage to a life versus this don’t think too much about what they’re doing. It’s actually a natural defense mechanism. It’s something that this mechanical I don’t even know they’re doing it and it just keeps over and they do it like a robot. It’s their self-preservation by gaming people on their side and rallying your friends and family, against you. They are going for ultimate control and they’re trying to avoid being exposed. And on three Cs when I found out that I had found out the truth and he found out I found out the truth and his wife were exposed, I was fearful for my life.

This man is crazy, and I never thought that he could do anything like what he did some day. I’ll tell you, but right now it’s a cause, a shame, like I just said.

I remember that it’s absolutely normal for a nurse is pathological by.

They conduct smear campaigns, and they ask flying monkeys and then they have a grand finale. There’s a million things that are gonna do in the middle.

But as they were typical that the people that are abused are then abused again because they’re smearing our name and the blame goes to you, no matter what they did, they are taking no accountability for this. Remember, they do not take accountability. Did you think that your secrets were safe because you were in love with this person.

I don’t know how many people that I have heard the stories of on YouTube, and in several groups that I’m in, right now, don’t think that anyone got involved with a narcissist unless it was a parent or a child that they didn’t love. We gave ourselves to this person, person we gave them our opportunity to be into our hearts, we trusted them. And so for me, this entire thing is the trail, of a lifetime in a Hallmark movie, really, that you do do some team coming, it’s like a movie that just you don’t see what’s gonna happen and it’s happened to all of us. I’m not the only one. And we have to remember, they have no conscience, and they cannot have any capacity for Goethe.

They don’t care if they hurt you. I think it’s actually like a high… for them to tear you down this mare campaign so that they can feel like they’re winning again versus is Connie to socially harm us and to invalidate the rights of their victim. I think they understand that it’s morally wrong, but they don’t think they’re ever gonna do anything about it, they know it, how they’re like, laughing in its base.

Can you see your “narcisse laughing at the joke they just played on you? I am narcissistic. People get off emotionally. It’s like psychologically based on the thought of putting more harm into you, they have traumatized, before the behaviors or feelings of guilt.

That will ’cause you this. I don’t have it after the initial discard states. And your Hereford finale, and your head is kind of… I still real, what just happened when you’re in that state, a vulnerable state, only God, right? Why are not… people thinking that we should be under the table? Crying rolled up in a little ball because what we just had was the greatest buying fuck that probably money, your friends have, and so if they’re happily married, they probably have never had this. It’s like a war. The Allen sent these nurse down here, they tear part, at you, and really just double gravure, because now what they’re doing and so they’re just going to make you more traumatized because as if it wasn’t enough, but now it’s in there, spreading rumors and telling your friends and some of your friends might tell their friends or your sister might tell your mother. It just spreads it. And what that’s doing is it’s breaking down your support system that’s why the NAR is doing, it and don’t think that they’re not going out there and telling everybody how pathetic you are that you can’t get over them, and be who they were the victims. Oh no, how many of your marks go on telling everyone there.

The victim, I can tell you, both of mind, you.

Have to remember that you are not the first person that does to you think they are that you are about the people that are gonna come after you.

The next source of supply. If you were the first one and they got you this bad. What about when they go through 1020, they’re just gonna get better at this crap, they’re gonna know how to read people earlier, they’re gonna have your friends picked out in a crowd when you introduce them as that somebody I can go to, I think I’ll leave my way into a friendship with that person, or a sister so that they can come after you and use those people that love you against you, think of the person that they’re with, next pre-to God that this doesn’t happen again it’s only gonna get worse. That’s why many percent of homicides in the United States are done by domestic partners so it’s only gonna get worse. And here’s what I did not remember. Thank yourself for having the street to get away. Where there is your choice, or not, it’s your choice, right now to get them out of your head and stop this madness because as they smear you, they’re gonna feed your friends with false information and they’re going to hurt you even more. They’re gonna act like the victim and they are actors.

The conman was there like a movie in the 70s, like a TV show of con men. What do we have more TV shows about con men. They could be marks TV producer good idea. I remember when they tell your friends, I always go back and forth when they tell your Friends’ stuff about… you probably mixing it in with a little truth. And what that means is I’m going to tell you this story.

As an example, I have a friend who knew my three X and it was Marin the X told him when he was steering me, that I was a really good story teller, he was telling him this little bit of information, which I probably am a good story teller, but that made his life believable because he’s telling me them a completely different story. So when you come back with your story and you come back with the the truth, they’re already gonna know you’re a good story teller. I think just that was the perfect thing for him to put in this person’s head that will make him doubt my story, it’s amazing. And what was that movie so bad.

A movie? It was the one where the wife a star murderer, I don’t remember someone put it down below. I remember the movie and he owned a bar. And he was being accused of doing something but his wife was like, Really scheming this whole thing she’d made a fake diary. And off again here, you… it’s too late. I have to stop talking. So just be careful, be careful of your friends don’t judge them if they get cant. Because remember, you were gone by the dark and your friends are… you know, they’re deliberately targeted it’s not their fault. Just like it wasn’t your fault. And I’m not saying go back and make peace with them right now, I’m telling you to take time for yourself, take time do not share your story take time now to learn because if you start repeating your story right now and you start telling your friends one after another you’re gonna feel more shame than you do now, you’ve got to blend yourself more because you’re listening to the story again, wait out your friends the good ones are gonna come to the top.

There’s always cassettes of war on. Trust me. We were just in a nurse assistant use war. Don’t think of yourself as a big time. I’ve taken that or out of my vocabulary, except for you guys.

I’m a survivor and I encourage you to be as well. It might take a while to keep this education of… and you will be longer for it and you’ll understand more with understanding comes huge power to forgive yourself, forgive yourself for whatever happened.

It wasn’t your fault, what you did, would be a good, honest, caring, loving person, vulnerable, and you were targeted. It’s just like it man, it’s just like a robber who was gonna rob your house. They target you in the grocery store, so be careful pick CARE of yourself on yourself, and the smear campaign. It’s gonna happen, when it’s time. You’ll be able to tell your story when you’re ready, when you know your story better because you’re studying it and you’re learning.

And you know it. I want so crazy.


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