Narcissist that can’t say I love you – opposite of lovebombing – red flag

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So much information on the lovebombing narcissists but what happens when the narcissist doesn’t lovebomb or can’t even say they love you. They probably have a stock victim answer as to why they can’t say i love you. That might work in the beginning but not not after two years. To answer the questions can a narcissist grow to love you, what if my boyfriend can’t say i love you.

I certainly took crumbs from 3x and he withheld the ‘I love you’ for way too long, then only under pressure was he able to say it, it was fake and I have no idea why I settled for two years of crumbs. Its okay if you aren’t looking for them to say I love you, but if you do and they can’t that is a red flag.


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