Narcissist Victim 3 Times

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Now that I better understand what a narcissist is and look at three relationships in my life I am at a much better place to understand what made me an easy victim of narcissistic abuse.

My journey, my story with a warning and solution. Thank you.



This is Tracy I keep hearing about is our lives after we were involved with arts, and what I wanna talk about is a little bit of… I think what made me a target and I think there’s a lot more to it from my childhood and whatever else, but in regard to two X, I was going through a divorce with one ex-one ex-is not a narcissist, he was very nice man. Just not the one father of my child, but it’s going through that in time.

A hard time. I was very Bonheur I wanted a family, I was a breed, I was losing a family I wanted security for my son had a great job, but I’d never be well and I was scared. So they came to X and his family came along and I met every… one of the things I was afraid they knew it because they asked and were concerned and endearing and loving and showing me exactly what I wanted to see. It’s like marry. But, he scoped to me up when I was in a really hard place and when I was going through my divorce ten years later with him, I had just finished and I met three X. he was friend of friends, of money, so I trusted him, they said, he’d been through a horrible divorce, and was always crying and that know me coming into his life was a good thing.

As one of the hottest relationships I’ve ever been in. I think that on the scale of “arsi Graz he was a 14 out of 100. I’m gonna write a book about him, and you’re gonna hear the craziest thing that you ever heard a person you do, but just whatever.

But when I was with him, he made me feel so special. A to T, X. when you were with them, there was this intense thing that drew in towards that and with that it was controlled, nailed… you on everything and they gave you everything you want to do because they asked you and then they protected. Now for me, darkness was a very big thing with the X and to really know what it was and I certainly didn’t know that other people had this happen. I just heard someone on a video on YouTube today. Talk about the darkness and this is exactly what the ex did during our two-and-a-half years together. He traveled a lot for business, which that’s okay that’s what he does, but he also would just sort of like again at the texting and the calling and then when he was in town, it was meanwhile ve his children home sleeping and come over crazy, but he picked me up when I was going through the divorce.

What I’m trying to say here, in telling you this story so I’m gonna keep this advice, no matter what, it just heeding this advice right here, so I want to teach it to you because… out of two experiences as a good out of two relationships with Narcissus, they picked me up and they gave me everything I wanted, they told me the stories I was in a former able place so I believed them, it felt really, really real. There was never time, that it didn’t felt real until it ended when they ended. That is when the darkness came behind their eyes and it was like You were nobody like the days and the nights and all of the memories that want us like… Are you driving down the street and you just see something here? Like Shit, I don’t wanna go there because he used to eat there. There’s us places and things that haunt us as it does not on your narcissist.

They could go to your mother’s house and not give us it. It would have no emotional attachment to them.

And with time, creating a new memory if you have a Bresnan that you love to go to, by golly get five friends, so there’s six of you a big as party ridicule and have a new memory and screw the fact that that thing that is yours and yours as a couple, still hunt you as you drive by it, every day. So when this happens, I want you to think of that place and find a new memory for it. Or if it’s too painful. And I’m not saying that I know it all there. All wolbac. If you conquer them, There will no longer be shame and they will no longer be fear of driving, by that store or that thing. So pull yourself together and don’t get into a relationship right now.

If you are just finding out about this Guess what, we’re vulnerable, we are perfect targets and you know what, you’ll fall for the fall for it again because we want the dream, we gave ourselves in a dream. Was it real? But we gave ourselves… I’m just suggesting, “Don’t do it now, seriously. Don’t date Pay with your face movies at them over our house, keep it quiet, keep your mind quiet just sit on to meditate, I enjoy your life.

And don’t jump into something… again, not for a little while, we have all figured out. And you’ve got this new confidence about you, this new armor, and this shield. That’s when I might be doing… but for now.

No women just be you.



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