Narcissistic Friends – The story of two friends lies, betrayal, smears

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Do you have a narcissistic friend? Take a look at the characteristics of a narcissistic friend? Most of us have had practice at making friends since we were little toddlers. We make friends at places of work, through activities we do and even neighbors can become friends. If we are lucky, we have people in our lives that we know since we were young. These trusted friends are still in your life, because they have stood the test of time. A healthy friendship is built on a give and take foundation, and over time there was no need to count favors as you were always there for each other. Some people we call friends are only here for a season (a college friend), some for a reason (you had similar experiences together), and some of the lucky ones stay friends with you for your whole life. I like to look at life as a book. The book of your life is filled with different chapters and each chapter has a different storyline and different characters. Not everyone in our lives was meant to be carried s into the next chapter. Often these transient friends are here to teach us something we must learn in order to grow. Sometimes they are here to teach you that not all people can be true friends, because they may be so self-absorbed. Now you learn about personality disorders. Until we learn this lesson, for example, the universe will keep bringing unhealthy people to us as if to say: “Pay attention. This isn’t what it seems.” When someone has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, they need an audience of people that will illuminate their self-perceived greatness. This is where the friend pool comes in and it’s like a revolving door where no one will ever be good enough or praise them enough. You will notice right away that the people they surround themselves with are either ‘new’ friends or fake friends (fans). They can’t seem to hold onto people in their lives and that is always someone else’s fault. LEARN MORE ON MY WEBSITE: DOWNLOAD A FREE EBOOK…



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