Narcissistic Lies I Should Have Seen

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The core of a narcissist is lies, lies he tell you, me, his friends if he has any, family, children and everyone he meets. he puts on masks from the truth because the truth is they don’t know the truth… if they lie about everything they lose touch with reality.



Hi, this is Tracy.

And to me, I’m going to be a video on why didn’t I know I should have known because actions speak louder than words. The things I know today as lies seems so believable at the time, hindsight and education has given me a new outlook on things, that my narcissist did. With this video, I’d like to highlight some of the things that had been running through this new filter and that I can now see as clear as day. I hope that they’ll help you as well. How come I didn’t see how come I didn’t react with more conviction when things seemed odd, even though I did speak up and question believed and accepted the lies and the bullshit as answers, I put my instincts and fears away, and allowed myself to be charged back into the web of supply. I guess I can say I was an orderly an easy mark, for almost the last two years, the ex wasn’t allowed to see his little girl. And when I went to question how can that happen? You had custody every other weekend. He would say his mean and horrible wife was blocking him from seeing her, and it still need no sense to me. After my grand finale, I spoke to his ex-and found out that there was a restraining order on him, protecting him from that little girl, and his craziness if the way that he treated his ex and me is any indication, of the abuse that he was pretty on this child. I am so thankful that the courts agreed to protect that child of course that opens me up to his other child the older son that after the discard I found out he had tried to commit suicide twice, in the last month and not only did he not tell me, he didn’t tell the child’s mother that raises all kinds of red flags to the abuse that he’s doing to that child while I can certainly be said that he was protecting his child’s privacy, I think, he was also protecting his trail of a bee.

Why wasn’t I surprised that Tex went crawling back to MOMA, daddy when he lost his job, they simply had a better offer.

And now that when we met and he wanted to break free of the grip of their narcissist… abuse on him, he was tragically addicted to things stamps.

It’s a very common trait of a narcissist. Just as I just thought they liked gadgets and now, I see clearly that they were just for show, it wasn’t like he liked having a tag. Go watch quietly. They were used to status symbols, and used them to boast about how will I was.

And he bragged about all of his toys. Sadly, I am… my child or toy a flavor of the week. A distraction. We always joked that he would upgrade me one day, but now I know that upgrade is the wrong word. That’s good for an iPhone. Releasing the supply is more like the proper term, when you’re dealing with a noose. He needed things to make him feel special, because his whole life he was critiqued by his family and never felt good no matter what he did.

When we got divorced, he walked away from her marriage, and he left everything his clothes, his baby memories, his anti-life collection, fourteen laptops in a house full of crap that I had to sort through and get rid of these things held no importance and he didn’t want them they’d already been replaced just as we had. Of course, he denied that I took them when he was doing his smear campaign.

Why wasn’t I surprised at the X’s terrible discard? And the quick replacement of me, I suspected both women he was sleeping with for months he would laugh while we were in bed and said that he’d like to women, fighting over him, he called me jealous. I call it intuition, but his life didn’t make sense, and He charmed me he would change the subject and then my head would be left spinning crazy-making, right? Why was am I surprised? And the both of them speared me when it was actually… so clearly how they had done that to their axes, while I wasn’t a surprised. We don’t know until we don’t know, Narcissists will do everything they can to hurt us and near us lie to us and create their own fantasies. So if your red flag if something inside of you says, that you are suspicious you think it’s not right, to do some research, you know what you’ve got to… don’t let him fall, you don’t let her for you. I know women, our nurses is too, but be careful and think about these things, think about how these rules, these rules, of narcissism, craziness, effect things that happened in your life.

And your situation.

That’s the only way you can get better is to see more clearly things that seem so common and to look at these in a whole new light.


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