What is Narcissistic Triangulation? | Red Flag

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Think of three dots making up a triangle. These represent YOU, THEM, OTHER. They lie to both you and the other to put one against the other. Narcissist triangulation is a common practice to get two people pitted against each other. The narcissist tells each one bad things about the other.

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Hippie Tracy and I’m gonna tell you about triangulation and tangles. Are three little square real dots, right? And so what I want you to think of is you the ark and someone else.

Let’s just pretend it’s his mother if it was you and his mother, he might be telling them other things about you and, and vice versa he’s telling you about the other he’s telling the other about you. And maybe that the reasoning is not quite clear yet but the reasoning on that particular scenario would be to keep you away from the mother, if he’s Coney telling you that she’s a controlling behind she psycho and things like that, then you’re not going to want to engage in a relationship with her because he’s kind of giving you the warning, he laid it out for you. And with triangulation they can use it with friends. So you and him or her, and you and a friend and they could use that friend against you at the first, you might not really know that they’re trying… Latin but eventually you will pick out some people that they had done this to you with. So, triangulation and a narcissist, relationship is when they have you them and someone else, friend, family doesn’t matter, they’re going to use them against you

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