Narcissists Are Actors

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Finding out the one you loved the one you gave everything from you body, mind, spirit, money, favors, cars, homes to was faking it. Didn’t we used to call these people gold diggers. They are con artists, liars and thieves with no ability to feel or feel empathy for another.

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I use trace in today, I want to talk to you about the person your narcissist pretended to be the perfect part, the good part, the ‘engaging loving, caring, sharing, open-hearted person that they came off and pretended to be for you. The characteristics of a narcissist are think, they have characteristics that are on the scale of narcissism. Crazy, but whatever it is that you’re looking for that who they’re pretending to be right now and they’re pretending to be someone else, on the next level. So if you ride bikes, they’re gonna ride bikes, if you take Lit classes, they’re gonna take yoga classes, so… or that you can try not to think of that person. They were… and try to think of the person that they were when they were at that. So when they manage down your expectations and they changed, they weren’t that kind. sweet, loving, bring a cupcake kinda guy. They became a user and an abuser and they can you… so, don’t look for the person that they pretended to be ’cause it’s not there, it’s just not… and we hold on to it because we want it… we want it at, it was great, they were good, they were perfect, they were… Oh my gosh, they loved me so much now they were dissecting and I don’t know what they got out of you, whether it was money, sex, whether it was horses and cars. I’ve heard so many stories where the woman or the victim has supported that bought them things and given them everything that they wanted only for them to find out there was one or two or three others doing the same thing. So I don’t try to think about who they were stopped that that person doesn’t exist. This donor, you realize that the sooner you are going to get on and heal. That was an act and it might have been a good one might have been what you want and some day you might find it, but that person inside that you love, it’s not there.


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