What is NO Contact With a Narcissist? | Protect

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No contact is as simple as it sounds however its not simple in so many cases. Family members, co-parenting issues but going no contact really helps you heal.


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This is Tracy and I wanna tell you what no contact means.

Pretty much no contact, I’m seeing. Don’t go on Facebook don’t drive by their house, don’t take their text any more block their damn phone, but lock their email and do not have your friends spy on them because they are still connected to them. The only way and go, no contact is the only way to go and get healthy again, because if you just know a little bit, if you just peek in and see that they were at a rodeo last week or whatever, you’re not really going No contact that opens the door for when they decide to come back and whoever you and you’ve known some stuff about them.

So be careful.

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