Parental Alienation Daughter Comes Back What Was Life Like With Dad How She Survived

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I am so happy for my friend Carolyn and her daughter Caitlyn after 8 long years, mom and daughter reunite. Parental Alienation is a tool abusers use to hurt the other parent. Today I am honored to interview the two of them after they got back together. What was life like at Dad’s house? Were you able to talk to mom? Were you able to see mom or get notes from her? What was life like for mom to be alienated from all three of her kids? How did she make it through? Is there hope that your child will come back one day? This story is one of hope because Carolyn got one of three of her kids back. but for many parental alienated children the road is hard. For the alienated parent life is a living hell. Listen to their story and learn some answers

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