Reasons Narcissists Suck

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A summary of why a Narcissist sucks, a brief overview of many of the red flags of a narcissist, Traits of a narcissist, behaviors of a narcissist, and generally a “Yes they Suck” but we go on!!
Narcissists are highly manipulative, destructive or dangerous people, run…



Today, I’m going to talk about why now is I suck, I’m making the entire video while driving, but don’t worry, I’m safe and I’m almost home and I haven’t crashed I’m not speeding and now I mostly hit the Largo button as I’m going up to red light, so nor is the suck and here’s why.

I just start out by saying nurses to suck. They suck for you, they suck, like vampires and they are just usually very… suck people they aren’t human, they are really bad actors and yet until we see that they’re actors, we don’t know that they’re lying to us and building this fake persona. So you can find all of the things that we’ve talked about with charming with good listeners. It’s just a way for them to other narcissistic in town so that they can use it against us. How to noxious is suck. Let me count the ways, they’re egotistical, but yourself centered. We have absolutely nail empathy. Their actors, they lie, the cheat the steel, they use people, they trick you see.

Delhi. Hey, make us think that we are in a real relationship. They make us think that they love us, maybe we’re the only one here is tethers. They take and they take never give them nurses. I like to trick you, you are that they care and they listen to your stories, but they actually use the stuff against you, they know everything, your teeth secrets you need most fears and they play it well for a long time until they dont.

Mess have no empty. They don’t care about anyone that that includes children. To me that is just the most Haring thing, their own children, their stepchildren they have no feelings for them and they don’t care who they heard. Tell me how year in arises sucked. I just wanna know, put it in the comments down below. I work in a startle list. Why do notes? Sick nurses just live a very parasitic Life, The feed of others they live off others and they may have plenty on their own, but they’re saving that for them.

They pretend to be charming and they act and everyone loves them and yet the Secrets get unfolded and reveal to us, and then we find out the truth that they are not who they say they are, and that us nurses. I suck at being a friend that can’t even be a friend, not just to you, the victim, but to most of the people. So as you look at a narcissist, or someone that you know you’re involved with, if they don’t have a lot of friend ties think about that, Why don’t they they don’t because they don’t have to be friends, so they sucked at that.

Nurse is have huge egos, huge and don’t be the one that crosses them because our ego is so important to them everything about them, they think they are great, they think they’re not, they think they are smart, they think they are the cats meal and they manipulate people. Bad financial planning, financial management. My two extant are check. He didn’t how to… as Texas, he does sucked at finances. Three ex-pretended that he was going to be a millionaire and yet could not afford Dutch. So, bad financial management. And sometimes it’s take… sometimes they pretend that they don’t have any money so that they can invest money out of people and you step artistes have no accountability, they don’t know how to say or sorry, they don’t have a accountability for their own actions. If you catch them cheating, it’s your fans, if you catch them lying, they didn’t win no matter what, they will never say they’re sorry, and they will never take accountability for their part in anything. So, no accountability is a big one, for nurses, is artists can people into trusting them in order to get their narcissistic supply to… if you make me to get you to trust them and then they actually betray you. The nurses is sucked because the grand finale that they do.

If you don’t know much about nurses just yet, you probably are like cut this or any other tuber that’s talking about narcissistic behavior and something drastic really happened. The ending of your relationship is not normal. It didn’t require anything that you did where you said they were just simply done, and maybe they figured out that you weren’t going to give them any more of whatever it was, maybe they perceived you as moving on in some way or fashion maybe growing maybe you were moving up in your career, and you didn’t or as needy. Sometimes that’s what they want, that they want somebody that’s lanes that they can control about. But a narcissist that end a relationship usually does it in the most horrific way, the most hurtful way, and it leaves people like carnage. On the road, these people are crazy and they treat everybody when they leave in this moral Hardaway. My two ex-divorce, the judge in the case under seven trials, I was like in my case many “Did I kill my child.

No, this man wanted a horse so I’m giving it to him as we just go away. But no, it was a fight, it was a fight to the death for things, that Mister casual be nice all the time, was No thing was important to him.

But they fight because that’s what they do, they like to the death and a narcissist. The best way to find out is when they leave you because I have never seen anybody that is talking about this. That wasn’t in total shock. And for me, it wasn’t that with the X that I had that much attachment to him it was a friendship, there was a trail that was lies and cheating and everything that he scored he wasn’t about. So my theory is, you know the grand anal, that’s the best way.

And you know what he saw? And I say The… even though no system, we have to realize our part take the accountability for our part, and maybe not being aware of and maybe not knowing what these flags are. And I’m really proud of myself for learning them. I don’t think it’s too late. I’ve got a lot of life left and I think I learned a lot and through being with these jerks. So I’m saying, take accountability done one of them, and understand that just not knowing what a narcissist is, is enough of “countably it’s not your fault, you’re co-dependent, like I am, it’s not your fault, it’s not something that you knew about you just didn’t have the knowledge before. And now we do, so they can suck all they want, but not gonna take us down, let’s just always remember that we have our life and we don’t care about them..


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