Self love selfies are not Narcissism – the diference

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This video was made to quickly explain that taking selfies or having self love is not a sign of NPD. Yes a narcissist loves himself but they love themselves so much that no one else matters, family, spouse, children. THAT is the difference – they don’t care who they hurt.


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I, this is Tracy and I just wanna tell you really quickly the difference between healthy narcissism and on healthy narcissism it is self-love, and that’s okay. We’re allowed to have that we… We need to have self-love we need to think good things about ourselves but it’s when somebody thinks so much of themselves that they hurt people it’s really that simple, we all want to be proud of ourselves.

I think that we’re good looking, I think, whatever we think about ourselves, we need that if we don’t. It’s even more right, so we need self-love, it’s that we don’t hurt anyone not to gain on our own control power, that’s the difference.

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