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Narcissists think they are superior and better than everyone. They have a false unearned sense of entitlement. here are some keywords that might come to your mind when you think of the narcissists sense of entitlement.
My name is Tracy Malone and I am a survivor of a lifetime of narcissist abuse which from a parental upbringing with a narcissist mother and a dysfunctional love basis I then choose two narcissist men to partner with. This series of videos is my three month journey of self awareness. I am not a doctor or therapist I am educating myself in a high volume of information from the internet and blogs, youtubers, victim advocate counselor, therapist, narcissist abuse groups x2, a womens empowerment group. In my need to learn I am doing what I do… which is to help others. It is with deep gratitude that I found the experts who are teaching me to find myself.



There, this is Tracey. I just got back from a beautiful color at night. Oh my God, it has just been summer, tonight, it’s great. So, I was inspired. I’m home early and I thought I would make this video, because I’ve been thinking about a couple of ideas always on and I might just pump a few of them in right now, because I’m not tired. What I want to talk to you tonight about is is how the nurses as feel very self-entitled, they feel like they are the best and nobody can compare to them, they feel that everything should be given to them and that is why they take that is how they come into us thinking that they are entitled and yet there’s this no other side that I have seen in both of my narcissists, where they’re very, not confident they have this side to them that creeps out but it’s really there all the time. I think they’re fearful, and they aren’t confident in themselves. And so, as a mask and as an act, what they do is they become self in tile and it’s a, family, it’s not real, they aren’t do anything else but they feel like they are they have grandiose thinking and they think of these wild great ideas like the world should be theirs. They should live till they’re 50. and of course, when science discover is they will be the first one so that they can live on, at the same time, eating way too much food, and turning into the… see, of March me Oman, which means you’re not taking care of yourself, and these are not good signs.

Or are US think that their superior… did they think that they were pride, think that they should get everything they wanted, and they take it and they were red and get really mad at people when they don’t get what they want, so maybe they changed their mind on what they want because if we really saw that they wanted what they’re saying they didn’t what it.

That’s so crazy, but I just wanted to say they are very self-entitled and they don’t deserve it..


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