Ten BenefitsTo Recording A Narcissist – The Laws – The Evidence …

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#Narcissism #NarcissistAbuse #recordinganarcissist Validation if you live i a world of ‘That never happened” you will get validation, Patterns unmasked – you can more easilt see the patterns of abuse Evidence – You never know what you will capture on recording a narcissist – The evidence could protect you from the things they said you did or said. Leverage – Capturing them acting badly may be something your lawyer can introduce in mediation – “if you don’t want this to get o the courtroom then lets settle now Its easy to do – use your phones video setting and record the audio Two party consent these states it is ILLEGAL to record California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Mass, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Washington NEVER FORGET if you are in a state where recording is allowed – they could be recording you. Try to keep this in mind if they push you to anger they will share it with your friends and family to show how angry you are, that you are crazy , control, or abusive Buy my book DIVORCING YOUR NARCISSIST: You Can’t Make This Shit Up! – https://amzn.to/3wB1RQA


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