The covert narcissist love story – It starts out wonderfully with masks we missed

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Covert narcissists, covert narcissists we all have met them and many of us here on this channel married one or was in a relationship of some kind with one. A covert narcissist is as the word says ‘covert’ that means we CAN NOT SEE BEHAVIORS. We need to understand and look back at their behaviors and look for the confusing parts to begin to see what we missed. I was married to a covert narcissist and at that time I knew nothing about abusive controlling people. I knew nothing of narcissistic red flags or warning signs. In the beginning, it was heaven, he was charming, kind, and loving and everything I ever dreamed of right down to the Knight in shining armor part. Then things confused me and were not exactly what he was saying. the person was slowly changing and I saw masks fall. AT the time I knew nothing of a mask but now I share these small discoveries with you in hope that you too can look back this deeply at your covert narcissist and put some pieces of the puzzle of recovery from narcissistic abuse together.

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