The Narcissist And Holidays

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When dealing with a Narcissist do not be surprised if they do not like going to parties, events and holiday fun. Why? Because they do not like to have to fight for that spotlight, what they prefer is to be holding court and running all the attention.
Something you may get is grief that they even have to go… it just rubs them the wrong way to be forced to be told when they should be happy for another. They may fight but ultimately they will find a way that they can win at this party game and that faces us with two options for the Narcissist. First is hijack the party with kindness, be the perfect helper so they get credit and a pat on the shoulder, the other extreme is to cause problems and ruin the event for everyone else.

These types of reactions can very well be determined by the players, family know his tricks and they aren’t going to let him get away with too much shit, but friends this is a different game.. watch and learn some things to expect with your party and narcissist. Holidays with a narcissist is never fun.



This is Tracy in today, I’m gonna talk about nurses and holidays, birthdays, and occasions, and what you can expect and what it all means. A normal collection of cars has lots of wonderful messages. You light up lives like magic fireflies and a Norwalk holidays at what they’re worth. Birthday parties, weddings, children’s parties, we are excited for the birthday child party and we are excited for the parents that are having their child turn to and it’s a big occasion but a nurses, I tend to not like to go to these special occasions because they’re not their thing. And if we look at the even known on the red flags, but the behaviors of a narcissist, the reason they’re not going to like go to an event like this is because we’ve taken away their power. This event, this ten-year-old birthday party is for that tear, old birthday party, and it’s going to take away the attention of the narcissist. So that demands the attention of everyone. And so they’re gonna get lost in the crowd, and they don’t like that they’re not gonna be the center of attention and the rules and the things that they normally do their tricks and everything that we do at a normal day is not going to work because the hoopla is around that little ten-year-old child and the parents, and all the friends and the grandparents so they can become very deflated and they don’t like to go to these things.

But then they do they do because they could totally get mad at you for making them go. They could also go for reasons that they’re going to extrapolate out of the event. nurses go into offence especially family events, and they run them. We’ll talk about that a little later, but what I find is that narcissists actually can win an Academy Award for their performance at something that they don’t wanna be at, and they do that they step up in a way that is so fake, that now I can see it and I hope that you can do if you have a nurse that does this, they could in Academy Award for being the best helper, the kindest sweetest. How can I help you on the carpets full? Let me take that out for you. They’re doing that get compliments, I thank you, man, that’s so kind of you, wow, all the other manner in the living room drinking beer, and you’re helping me put out the platters of Coach cookies. Oh, what a nice person you are. Think about that isn’t that them getting what they wanted.

Yeah, they find it, they got from this party by helping out. I want a plane from helping out of this party. They’re getting there, they’re getting their accolades, they’re getting rewarded. So, might try doing this. And this is what my last husband did is they would become in public. The perfect husband the perfect everything, the perfect dad. And my ex-husband was around, my son at a party in front of people, he put his arm around and look at how proud I am of him. Me too, I was idolized at this party. It made me feel good as a victim that just once that kind of love and support for him to be doing it at a party and everyone sees Oh what a great person he is, as a victim that makes you feel really good.

You’re like, Okay, this is good.

You know how some men or somebody will send you flowers to the office, that’s the Basra. You get flowers to the office, in year. Like Look everyone. I have someone that loves me. This is the same technique that they use when they go to a party and they choose this option, versus pounding and ruining it. And which we’ll talk about in a minute. This option is to glorify themselves, what you want on a pedestal child on a pedestal maybe the birthday child have the crime up their legs and run and do things with that child, so that they’re involved in the pictures that are taking, they’re involved in all of the hoopla because they’ve stuck their self in there, they’re high-jacking the party and yet, this is how they can gain control when they make us feel good, it builds their wall, their story, everything they told everyone about a relationship with someone. This is the best time to like a… it’s perfect, look at this, this is not real. Of course, when you’re in it, you don’t know that, but when you’re out and you can look back, look back, it’s always look back, it’s not like we can spot these guys, and see it before it happens, but look back, did you re-narcissist put you on a pedestal in front of others, and then go home and be a shit and go home and do the kind of things that they do that are closed doors, items, that’s when they do their real abuse. This fake party going a person is definitely not the real person but again, now everybody you know has seen this wonderful person who cleaned issues and helped out at the party. That is your danger and that’s what you’re gonna be up against..


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