Three levels of smear campaigns and how to protect yourself

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Narcissists lie you probably know that by now, but it’s what they do to weaponize that lie to basically take you down emotionally defending yourself and financially defending yourself and in court to prove your innocence against these false attacks. I believe we can remove the power we give them but letting these lies affect us. There goal with these is to certainly take you down simply because it’s fun and they can, but also to make themselves the victim, or the hero as they saved your child from the abuse in your hands. The smear comes last, the next step after the basic lie is to turn a lie into false allegations which become the weapon. They often do this in every divorce case and the victim is left to defend their name, their honor and the very thing that is their greatest strengths. Then comes the smear campaign where they share these lies and false allegations watch this video to see how you can get yourself out of a spiral of despair or panic when you hear these things. Three levels of smear campaigns and how to protect yourself – Tracy Malone



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