Understanding The Power of Music to Heal – Live performance by Kezia Gill

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When we are getting over someone we listen to sad songs, when we need to change the patterns to something more uplifting we move to a different style of songs. I was in Nashville a few weeks ago and heard Kezia sing and her voice was that of an angel. I have been addicted to this song for weeks but I didn’t know why. The song is called Girl Of youR Dreams By Kezia Gill and its about unconditional love. someone to love you without makeup on, someone that loves you for who you are and we all strive for that in our lives. Hold onto that hope, hold onto that dream because you deserve someone to love you this much. visit her on her website – http://keziagill.com/ Listen to her music and this song called Girl of your dreams – here on spotify.com https://open.spotify.com/album/55ITSV…

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