When Custody Goes Bad – Strategies for a Custody Evaluation or Guardian Ad Litem – Jason Levoy

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When Custody Goes Bad – Strategies for a Custody Evaluation or Guardian Ad Litem Jason Levoy In high conflict situations fights happen over the children, you can’t agree and false allegations about your parentng get tossed into the courtroom. Now the judge needs more information about both of you and people can be brought in to evaluate both your parenting skills. A custody evaluator, a childs attorney, or a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL). These conversations are scary and you need to understand what to do and not do in that interview process. Today Jason Levoy helps us understand who these folks are, what their job is, how to talk to them and how to deal with these situations. About Jason Levoy Hi, I’m Jason, but people call me The Divorcre Resource Guy. There is no getting around it; divorce is one of the toughest things you go through in life. I became an attorney specifically to deal with families going through these difficult times. After practicing family law in New Jersey for a number of years, I noticed how many of you, with and without attorneys, are overwhelmed and are looking for help. I coach both people who have attorneys and those who are representing themselves. A divorce coach is an important part of your divorce team. You do have a team, right??? If you don’t, I can help with that. Forming the right team is the first step to putting yourself in a position to succeed. Listen to episode 13 of my podcast, where I talk about forming your divorce team. here is is website where you can access his GREAT podcast – https://jasonlevoy.mykajabi.com/site/… In this video you will learn How To Prepare For A Custody Evaluation Custody Battles and Child Custody Evaluations what you need to know Top 10 Tips To Succeed In Your Child Custody Evaluation | The Palmer Law Firm High Conflict Child Custody: Custody Evaluators What Is the Best Way to Approach Child Custody With a Narcissist? How To Win A Custody Evaluation Winning A Custody Battle | Four Things You Must Do Why Would a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) Favor Non-Parent in Child Custody Cases? Thing to Avoid During a Guardian ad Litem Investigation What to Expect During a GAL Investigation? The Guardian Ad Litem, The Interview, and Responding to GAL’s Recommendations Your Custody Case: Communicating with your GAL Mothers Rights vs Fathers Rights in Child Custody Case Custody Battles and Child Custody Evaluations


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