Therapists & Coaches with expertise in narcissistic injury


This section is going to be the most helpful to survivors in every state, our goal is to find practitioners, therapists, that really understand Narcissist abuse, NPD, PTSD, Borderline personality disorder and treatments that heal. You need to be able to know how to get a victim to turn into a survivor.
Not every coach is good, not every therapist is good or even understands what we as victims have going on. We hope to have listings for every state soon. If they don't call me back as if I was you, they will not be here. We are not charging to be on this site on this ground floor so they cannot buy themselves a front row. So use the search bar to see who can help you in your state. If you have a great therapist or coach that specializes in Narcissist, sociopath help for victims, co-dependants - send them this link and invite them to join our list.


Learning you have been the victim of a narcissist can shatter everything you hold dear, your sense of security and the truths you believed are probably in a tailspin. Our minds begin to play tricks on us and we learn our lives were a lie and we start to question everything.

How are you doing? Are you walking around in a fog, mixed with a mixture of anger, fear, and depression? Our friends and family members just don’t know how to help us anymore and you might feel all alone. Let's get started helping you heal.

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