Practitioner Name:Carol Anne Lee Mooney
Phone:(430) 200-0522
Practice Area:Life Coaching and Facilitating

Carol Anne Lee Mooney MS ICCJP

As a Certified Life Coach, I can meet you at your cross road to support, care, listen, educate, share, pray, motivate, encourage and help in decision-making processes for positive change. I have specialized in the area of toxic, lethal and dangerous relationships for many years both in private practice and as a counselor in the criminal justice system, as well as in the mental health department doing crisis work. In addition, I work with families, groups and individuals, as well as on phone sessions all over the United States. My clients have or have had the following types of cross roads and have had successful positive new direction: Career change, Retirement, Relationships, Marriage, Divorce, Separation, Loss of a spouse, a child, a loved one, a job, a home; natural disaster, relocation, decision-making, new direction, difficulties on the job, religion and beliefs, anger management, financial loss, addictions, parents of addicts, parenting, new additions to the family, adoption, extended families, step-parenting, life after incarceration, illness, aging parents, dealing with difficult people, betrayal, infidelity, empty nest syndrome, healthier living–Your Personal Cross Road…

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