Practitioner Name:Amy Marlow-MaCoy
Practice Areas:Narcissist Abuse, Trauma

Amy Marlow-MaCoy, LPC

Hey, you. Yes, you. You, the one whose picture is in the dictionary next to the word ‘overachiever,‘ even though you feel like you’ll never be good enough. The one who holds yourself to painfully high standards, and who can’t accept feeling like you’ve somehow failed. The one who prides yourself on being there for everyone else and meeting everyone else’s needs, but who feels unbearably guilty asking for help for yourself. You, who will bend over backwards for someone else, but would rather gnaw off your own arm than tell a loved one they’ve hurt you. You, who are faithfully doing everything you’re “supposed to do,” and finding that it’s still not enough. You, who are feeling drained, burnt out, and exhausted.

I’m so glad you’re here! I understand what it’s like to feel utterly overwhelmed by the problems in your life, to feel like you might drown in the tide of someone else’s needs and expectations. I want to help you with that. I want you to be able to say no without feeling guilty, and to be ok with not being perfect. I am passionate about helping you learn to balance taking care of yourself with caring for your loved ones. If you’re sick of being pulled in too many directions, feeling not good enough, and feeling stuck, let’s talk.

Amy has published wonderful articles on our website called – 5 Superpowers of Adult Children of Narcissists10 tips to survive the holidays with a toxic family – we know you will find it helpful.

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