Practitioner Name:Angela Avery
Practice Areas:Codependency, Depression, Divorce, Family Therapy, Mood Disorders, Parenting Education, Relationship Issues, Roller Coaster Relationships, Self Esteem, Self Harm

Angela Avery

Feeling confused, crazy and that you should ‘just try harder’? I know that’s how I felt when I was married to a narcissist! Divorcing and healing proved to be the best case scenario for me, but everyone has their own journey. I am now proud to be a psychotherapist who helps women and children learn to regain their sense of self, use verbal and behavioral boundaries to create safety and respect, and to understand what you can control and what you cannot.

I do extensive research and education on relationships and mental health, have done my own work, and have successfully helped others through challenging times. You don’t have to be afraid and stuck any longer.

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