Practitioner Name:Barbara Herring
Practice Area:Life Coaching and Facilitating

Barbara Herring LMFT

My goal is to work collaboratively with you to create a new empowering narrative for your life. I am more conversational in my approach, I show up authentically in the therapy room. There are many ways I can be helpful to you; sessions may feel different at different times. What is your hope for our conversation? Do you need me to be a witness for you, actively listen to you, or perhaps be an accountability partner for you? Do you like to be challenged or questioned? Do you just need to feel seen? In therapy with me you are the expert in your own life. You are not the problem, the problem is the problem, and we will work together to uncover the problem saturated story. We will look for and discover your strengths and work together to create a new lived experience. I work through a trauma informed lens and I have a compassionate yet direct approach. I gently encourage mindfulness as a practice. I question you about your hopes and hold space for your values to take a precedent within your life.

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