Practitioner Name:Chris Campbell
Practice Areas:Codependency, Dissociation, Divorce, Domestic Abuse, Life Coaching and Facilitating, Narcissist Abuse, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem

Chris Campbell

As well as being a qualified life coach who specialises in helping those impacted by toxic relationships, I am also an advocate in trying to minimise the number of people who fall and stay victim to any kind of toxic relationship. My belief is that we have been given an amazing opportunity to live, and whether we’ve had the misfortune of being born into a toxic environment, or later experiences in life have created the same vulnerability, we all have the ability to change the outcomes of our circumstances.

I myself am a survivor of two abusive relationships, one both physical and narcissistic and the other just narcissistic. I was able to reach a thriving state through almost 2 years of some serious hard work on myself. The professional support I sought out at the time did not seem to improve my situation. In fact, the disheartenment that the lack of progress created, actually deepened my depression. But it was only much later I realised the importance of finding a professional specialising in narcissistic abuse to help me heal from what I call the emotional carnage caused by the relationships.

So, I know it can be done alone, but I know that my healing journey would have taken a fraction of the time, and would have been so much easier, if I’d found the right professional support.

I understand the confusion, feelings of worthlessness, shame, desperation, anger, despair… and I can help you through the process of building yourself back up again to a thriving state.

Are you ready to take the next step in creating positive change in your life? I offer a free, no-obligation 45-minute discovery call, where we can identify what your next best steps are to get you moving towards a thriving state.

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