Practitioner Name:Christy Lincoln
Practice Areas:Narcissist Abuse, Personality Disorders

Christy Lincoln, MA, LCPC

Insurance: Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna.
*Serving Illinois residents via phone and video therapy* Do you want to feel better? I can help. You intuitively know what you need to do. I can provide proven, solution-focused techniques to help you get there. I love seeing my clients go from mere survival to actively thriving: doing what they always knew they could do. I specialize in narcissistic abuse recovery.
I got my start working with kids in foster care. I learned from them how to sit with pain, acknowledge trauma and map out positive new strategies. I also work with adults healing from depression, anxiety, and abuse.
I really enjoy working with people who grew up in chaotic environments. If your parent was mentally ill or personality disordered, this often impacts your life now. I like helping people heal from this type of abuse.
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