Practitioner Name:Elaine Jackson
Practice Area:Relationship Issues

Elaine Jackson, LPCC, IMFT

Couples come to me for a wide range of reasons. Often they are having trouble communicating effectively. They may feel unloved or misunderstood. Problems are not resolved. They feel they have lost something they once had. Often there are thornier problems like disagreeing about how to discipline children, problems with step or extended families, problems with substance abuse, problems with anger and violence, or problems from affairs–even over the internet.

I find it energizing to work with men and women to help them enjoy all that marriage has to offer, especially so when that comes on the heels of failure and disillusionment. Helping couples hand down the legacy of a happy home to their children is exciting to me. Many men and women I work with were themselves products of unhappy and abusive pasts. Healing, restoration, forgiveness and teaching skills for being a husband, a wife, a dad, a mom, are central to how I approach counseling. Also, I use a distinctly Christian perspective in my work.

Please call the office for assistance with scheduling and insurance claims. I apologize, but appointments cannot be made or canceled online. I look forward to meeting you in person.

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