Practitioner Name:Elizabeth Park
Phone:(813) 509-0039
Practice Areas:Codependency, Dissociation, Divorce, Life Coaching and Facilitating, Mood Disorders, Narcissist Abuse, Narcissistic Personality, Parenting Education, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Self Harm

Elizabeth Park

As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, Elizabeth now empowers women co-parenting with narcissists to heal themselves and their children from emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse leading to self-harm, addictions, or suicidal ideation so that they can break the generational patterns of abuse and thrive both now and in the future. She is the mom to four internationally-adopted kids and writes on Quora and Medium about narcissism and whatever else is on her mind.

Is Your Person a Narcissist (or are You Crazy)?

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