Practitioner Name:Fred Holtz
State:New York
Phone:(516) 818-8383
Practice Areas:Codependency, Depression, Divorce, Family Therapy, Mood Disorders, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Roller Coaster Relationships, Self Esteem

Fred L. Holtz, PhD

Insurance: Psychological Services Long Island

I am the director of a group practice here in Hicksville, NY. We have a large staff of 16 Psychologists and Social Workers trained and experienced in relationship counseling, PTSD as a result of abuse, Anxiety, Depression and specifically the consequences of having been in a Narcissistic, Abusive relationship.

On a very personal level, I was also a victim of a Toxic, Borderline Narcissist. I know the patterns well. Even with thirty years of clinical experience, I fell for it. They can manipulate and fool ANYONE. Have since found a truly wonderful partner and a very healthy relationship.

I’m confident we can help you if you are currently in, or (hopefully) contemplating leaving a toxic, borderline, narcissistic trap.

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