Practitioner Name:Jenni McNamara
Location:Saint Paul
Practice Areas:Divorce, Domestic Abuse, Narcissist Abuse, Parenting Education, Personality Disorders, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Roller Coaster Relationships, Self Esteem

Jenni McNamara MA, LAMFT

Hi everyone! I’m so glad to be here. My name is Jenni and I’m a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in Minnesota. I love working with people who are in, getting out of, or already out of relationships with high-conflict/personality disordered partners. All of those are such hard situations to be in!

I came to this work organically. Ten years ago I was in a marriage that felt like it needed to end. What I experienced afterwards led me to go back to graduate school, become a therapist, and devote my practice to helping those involved in divorce, separation, post-divorce issues, and identity creation. I had to learn strategies to survive, which is how I know it’s possible! I’m excited to share that information with others.

Before the end of the year (hopefully!), I’ll be releasing a new book called “Outsmart Your High-Stress Divorce” with practical and PROVEN tips for changing how you interact with a narcissistic partner or ex-partner so that you can reduce your stress. Very soon, I’ll have more information on here about it.

I’ll tell you something. Ten or even 7 years ago, I didn’t believe it was possible to feel better. I thought of my high-stress divorce as a chronic disease that I’d just have to live with. But I can tell you from my personal experience, as well as the experiences of my clients, that there are strategies you can use right away to get relief.

Here are a bunch of ways you can find me. I’m happy to provide recommendations and referrals and, of course, would love to work with you individually!

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