Practitioner Name:Keith Kosierowski
Practice Area:Codependency

Keith Kosierowski M.Ed, LSC, DARTT

Keith reduces inner stress, improves relationships and outcomes for couples, adults and youth.

Special interests include: co-dependency, trauma, narcissistic abuse, co-parenting, high conflict and anger, reunification therapy, ADHD, parent coordination and alienation, addiction.

Keith is a certified trauma therapist, licensed school counselor and trained divorce and family mediator with 25 years experience.

With Keith, Clients feel safe, heard, validated, and accountable.  Gain calm, skills, resilliency, improved self efficacy and quality of life.

TIP: It is when we chronically feel unheard and unsupported by those we trust is when real problems are about to occurr.

Keith invites a call or text for a FREE consultation.

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