Practitioner Name:Laney Zukerman
State:New York
Location:New York
Practice Areas:Narcissist Abuse, Relationship Issues, Roller Coaster Relationships, Self Esteem

Laney Zukerman, The Relationship Coach/Author

Laney Zukerman, The Relationship Coach & Author specializes in support groups and individual coaching for partners, family members, co-workers and friends dealing with individuals with Narcissistic Traits and Low Empathy.

Learn Stronger Boundaries, Specific Communication, and Behavior that can help you navigate the unique challenges of dealing with these individuals.  You are not alone, many people are dealing with these toxic, confusing relationships.

Laney is a sought-after expert in this field and has been featured in Redbook, Bride’s, Reader’s Digest, Forbes, NBC Arizona, Bustle, The Good Men Project, Mind Body Green, Next Avenue, NextonScene, Something Better Podcast, Confessions Radio and other national media.

She is a speaker, author, College Psychology Instructor, and facilitator.

She is featured in Psychology Today Therapists Referral:

Her popular books are on Amazon:

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