Practitioner Name:Liesl Verity
Practice Areas:Divorce, Life Coaching and Facilitating, Narcissist Abuse, Parenting Education, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem

Liesl Verity

I have a postgraduate degree in psychology, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has experience as a volunteer counsellor for victims of crime. I am a Children Beyond Dispute graduate and completed both the ‘Child Inclusive Mediation & Counselling (CIMC)’ course and the ‘Young Children in Divorce and Separation’ education program. I am also a Level 1 Accredited Practitioner of Extended DISC behavioural profiling.

From my own experiences, I understand how debilitating a toxic relationship can be, and the impact of emotional and psychological manipulation on all areas of life. My separation/divorce was the catalyst for re-evaluating my life and career…culminating in establishing INGWE Coaching.

I am a responsive parent. I am dedicated to being the best example I can be for my daughter (who was under 2 years old at the time of my separation) and model what it means to be confident and true to yourself.

I believe the key to raising happy, healthy, confident and autonomous children, is to be responsive to your children’s needs and to honour their natural behavioural style. Our reaction to our children’s behaviour is a reflection of our own emotional health. Being aware of why we react a certain way gives us an opportunity to heal ourselves. The more we heal, the more responsive to our children we are able to become. The only way to break the cycle and prevent our children from being in toxic, narcissistic relationships, is to heal ourselves and demonstrate self-love.

After a successful career as a Chartered Accountant in 3 different countries, I now help women to step into their power, reclaim their self-confidence and lessen the impact of separation and divorce, and other significant/traumatic events, on women and their children.

My unique combination of expertise and skills enables me to provide a holistic service to women…helping them thrive both in their personal lives and careers.

I have a vision to see all children grow up confident and empowered to be themselves, follow their purpose and live the life they love.


“Liesl’s ability to establish rapport and trust within a confidential and judgement free zone was phenomenal. This atmosphere enabled fast results even from the very first session. It was this atmosphere coupled with her coaching skills that fast tracked a MAJOR CHANGE in my thinking. I was not aware of how limiting beliefs were holding me back.” ~ Janelle

“Thank you so much Liesl, I had a truly incredible session today. I appreciate your presence, your acknowledgement and your validation. Your insight about my strengths helped me to uncover an awareness of my purpose and an understanding of my compulsion to follow this path that was unconscious until now. I look forward to our next session and to seeing what else I can achieve with your guidance. With love and immense gratitude.” ~ Erica

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