Practitioner Name:Mallory Beckwith
Practice Areas:Codependency, Depression, Dissociation, Divorce, Mood Disorders, Narcissist Abuse, Narcissistic Personality, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem

Mallory Beckwith LPC-Associate

Hi my name is Mallory Beckwith, LPC-Associate supervised by Angel M. Hoodye, M.S., LPC-S, CART. As a therapist who has helped many clients heal from narcissistic abuse and lived it myself, I understand the abuse and pain you have been through. Chances are you are in a strong trauma bond with the narcissist in your life which can be difficult to break free from without help. Learn how to set boundaries, create space for your own emotions and needs, and move forward with your life in a healthy way by working with me. Together we will work to heal your trauma wounds in sessions so you can decrease your triggers and increase your self esteem. I would love to work with you, reach out today!

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