Practitioner Name:Michelle Perez
Practice Areas:Life Coaching and Facilitating, Narcissist Abuse, Narcissistic Personality

Michelle Perez

I have created with the mission of raising awareness about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and the serious emotional consequences that result for victims who are the targets of perverse behavior.

My own healing inspires me to support others who, like me, have suffered or are suffering from this complicated and often silent situation at the hands of their partners, parents, siblings, or even in the work environment.

I have trained as a Coach, specializing in the elimination of false beliefs and female empowerment, as well as in hypnosis and mindfulness techniques to accompany you on this path effectively, without forgetting the ingredient of spirituality, key in my approach to the matter.

In you will find information and support throughout the different phases that you will live through the process of Liberation.

I can help in Spanish, English and French, online.

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