Practitioner Name:Nohemi Medrano
Location:Boca Raton
Practice Areas:Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, Family Therapy, Narcissist Abuse, PTSD, Relationship Issues

Nohemi Medrano LMHC

Insurance: No, I am self-pay only.

IT’S THE CONSTANT ANXIETY AND FEELINGS OF OVERWHELM. The memories that come back are filled with emotions and physical reactions. You find yourself struggling to stay connected to others, to trust again in relationships, to feel like the abuse was not your fault. You feel like you have lost control of many things in your life. It has become difficult to concentrate at work or at school, and the memories and thoughts keep playing in your head. You no longer enjoy your present, as you spend so much time thinking about the past and what happened to you. With the right treatment, things don’t need to be this way.
When we experience trauma, the wiring in our brain changes, leaving us with reactions that are physical, psychological and emotional. I focus on getting to the root of your struggles that keep you from enjoying life. As a Latina therapist I will consider your cultural background throughout the process in order to get you to a place of calmness and self-love.
You can start your journey to living life and enjoying the present! I understand that it is a big decision to reach out for help. Know that you deserve healing. I am here to support and help you get through the challenges. The next step is simple. For a 15-minute phone consultation reach out by email, or call/text me at my number and i’ll be able to guide you.

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