Practitioner Name:Regina Collins
Practice Areas:Narcissist Abuse, Trauma

Regina Collins, LPC, CSAC, NCC

Are you tired of feeling stuck – like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere? I’d like to help you find a way out so you can start to feel better. By using approaches tailored to your needs, we can work together to find your inner strengths and create new ones to help you move from just surviving to thriving.
My expertise is in helping people recover from chronic anxiety, depression, and traumatic events. Often, symptoms such as anxiety and depression, shame, guilt, addictive or compulsive behaviors, difficulty focusing, and relationship problems feel so overwhelming it’s like they “trick” you into thinking that the situation is hopeless when it really isn’t.
If you’re ready to get options on how to invest in yourself and make changes in your life, call for a 15-minute consultation to talk about your goals.
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