Practitioner Name:Stacy Lee Hoch
Practice Areas:Codependency, Dissociation, Domestic Abuse, Family Therapy, Life Coaching and Facilitating, Narcissist Abuse, Narcissistic Personality, Parenting Education, Personality Disorders, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem, Self Harm

Stacy Lee Hoch MA, CLC

“The effects of narcissistic abuse on a fragile psyche are real and life long.
Sensitive hearts raised by toxic minds are gripped by insidious spiritual wounds, invisible, but obvious.”
-Stacy Hoch, Earn Your Luck: A Field Guide for Living Beyond Your Narcissistic Parents Wildest Dreams

Hey there! I’m Stacy. My friends call me Stac.

Daughter of insanity.
Somatic Embodiment Coach.
Author of Imperfectly Sane & Earn Your Luck: A Field Guide for Living Beyond your Narcissistic Parents Wildest Dreams.
Holistic Mama of Four.
Ancestral Healing Interventionist.

My work seeks to reconcile the polarities in those raised by a narcissist & a codependent, within themselves, for the sake of their legacy & lineage.

In a snapshot…

“I’ve later come to realize when you’ve been gaslighted your whole life about who you are and what’s real, it’s easy for a personality-disordered person to make you think you’re the disordered one.

Since then, I’ve worked with people who, just lie my mother, were raised under the psychic paradigm of a “self” caught between polarizing just to survive between the codependent and the narcissist.

Or one generation deeper, the child of that child who’s taught to self-mutilate psychically by an unhealed parent who, inadvertently, replicates the unhealed paradigm in them, onto their child.

That child is then psychically rendered paralyzed in a confused image with depleted essence. I’ve come to get her out of bed, metaphorically speaking.” – Earn Your Luck

If any of that made sense to you, and…

If you…

wonder if you’re crazy…
fear anger and retaliation…
think relational dysfunction is “normal…”
have a wobbly sense of Self…
care more about what other people think, than you care about what you think…
experience difficulty being with uncomfortable emotions…
have a general lack of trust and inner nihilism despite being Spiritual…
still look for someone to come save you from your own sense of need, yet…fill everyone else’s needs in the interim…
are passively suicidal though the world sees you as an undeniable bright light…
feel other people’s emotion and hold them at higher value than your own…
will make yourself uncomfortable to make others comfortable…

Well…I see you. And for what it’s worth, it’s likely I not only don’t think you’re crazy, but that you’re the exact person I’m best at centering so you too…can feel solid in your sanity.

I know how to walk you out of the trenches that were dug for you in your own psyche.

No, you do NOT have to lay down and die this way just because someone made/makes you feel like your death is worth more worship than your LIFE. Rebirth…ignite.

I help codependent empaths who were raised by narcissists from all over the world, to heal, love and trust themselves.

Enjoy my FREE Youtube content @ Empoweress™, dig into Imperfectly Sane or Earn Your Luck, take my e-course Soul Centering After Toxic Shame or hop on my waitlist for a personalized walk out of the trenches in my 1:1 ten week package session (offered four seasons a year).

I so look forward to the opportunity to be present with you in the future. Hopefully, not only will we get you super present, but you’ll realize the “present” that is YOU so you stop throwing yourself out like trash constantly.

All my love,

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